...why Elvis ??

Elvis Presley - The King OF Rock'n'Roll !? Elvis and his music have fascinated me for many years. Those who have spent as much time as I have as a fan will know that he was not only a rock n' roll singer, but also a highly gifted Soul, Blues, and Country singer as well The fact that Elvis is the undisputed king of rock n' roll surely hangs on the marketing quality the young Elvis Presley had from the beginning to mid-fifties. His manager knew that he would be a hit in the "new America" introducing him to the television and film industry as well as the music industry. He was a white boy, who introduced the black music he played to the white society, successfully crossing racial barriers. Shortly afterwards Elvis eagerly joined the military, becoming the good American boy that every mother dreamed their daughter would marry.


Elvis fans, myself included, can not be thrown into a common pot. Each are unique in their way. This is particularly because Elvis was present in the music industry for three decades. At least five generations witnessed him. I became only became a true Elvis fan in 1974 when my parents bought me an MC ("Elvis Forever - 32 hits") which included his greatest hits. Since then I have been hooked!

What differentiates fans of yesterday and those of today?

I do not want to describe the individual Groups here. I am limited in a way to "my" Elvis Presley. I would like you to disassociate yourself from my opinion, because I would like you to create your own idea of the king. In my opinion, Elvis had not yet reached his highest point of creativity in the fifties, but rather between 1968 and 1971. During this time he had his legendary NBC TV special, his first live appearance after over 10 years in Las Vegas, and also the unbeatable documentation of these appearances in "Elvis - That's The Way It Is". Of course I still love to listen to the Elvis of the fifties, but because I was born in 1965 I am linked to the music of his later years.

Over my relation to the (Film -)Elvis of the sixties:

There are good Soundtracks/Songs of Elvis from this time, even if the films (to the majority) from the action were a little considerable. Exceptions form here m.E. the films "Change OF Habit" and "Charro" for 1969 as well as "Wild in The Country" from the year 1961. It harms also that Elvis had never again the chance its actor abilities, which he had without a doubt shown in "King Creole" 1958 under Michael Curtiz to prove again. While in the middle of the sixties, the Beatles, Stones and other made music history, Elvis became an anachronist not only in music, but also world history. The world burns (Martin Luther King and John F.Kennedy are murdered, the Viet Nam war rave, student unrests in all world a.s.o..) and Elvis hops at the same time from Love Song to Love Song in a sound, always quite similarly working plastic world...

"My" Elvis 1972 to 1977

Even if I spoke of the high point 1968/71 in this unusual career, then I must absolute fan of the Elvis of the seventies outen myself or to admit. It is written and spoken regularly of (obvious) the physical expiry of the Kings in the last phase. Which thereby usually except one main fact: Elvis Presley could itself always leave in this time on its voice. I was personal and am again and again fascinated by the its printout and the type, how he was. Fortunately today exist enough videos, which acknowledge that. What is it, which constitutes this fascination? I think, it am several factors - and to describe one cannot do her - either one feels it - or not.....

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